Rowing layback or swing?

Which is better Layback or swing?

Experts explain the difference and how to pick which you need for your rowing and sculling.


03:50 This week in masters rowing we have worked on the March Faster Masters program specially on spine health for rowing. We are supporting the US Rowing Indoor championships CRASH-Bs
08:50 We guested on the Backpack show with Chris Brogan and Kerry Gogone.
Rebecca’s photo is of Orca’s Island by Tena Hall

15:00 How to think less in rowing.

Rowers sometimes tie themselves in knots by thinking too much about their technique. Try thinking for 10 strokes and not thinking for 10 strokes. There’s an elasticity in rowing without tensions. Drills are important to create new movement patterns.
21:00 Do your workout with the voice in your head. Be un-judgemental. It’s not good or bad – did I do it correctly?
28:00 The Hula dancer on the pendent boat at Craftsbury – did you row this boat?

30:00 Lay back versus body angle.

Too much layback is common. What’s the purpose of layback?

Swing is using your body weight. Layback does not necessarily increase the length of your stroke. Ergs reward layback but not in the boat.

32:00 Pay attention to your lower back; don’t collapse it. Too far means you don’t have enough time to set your body angle.
Try feet out rowing for getting the pressure in the second half of the drive.
40:00 Caryn Davies interviewed on RowingChat.