Rowing leg drive

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– Focus on leg drive
– Testing what to test and how

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Rowing Leg Drive

11:00 The leg drive – strongest muscles. Common sequential flaws – your legs are stronger than your back.
Horizontal leg drive compared to a body lift which is vertical.
14:45 Be patient with the leg drive. Put the blade in the water correctly.
Lack of stability causes some people to rush the leg drive and blade placement.
16:30 Novices – learn the leg drive first.
RowingChat Caryn Davies interview talks about the drive. Pressure on the blade, footstretcher and handles should al be the same.
19:30 Shooting the slide, missing water and shoulder lifting are all explained by tactile feedback of these 3 pressures (blade, footstretcher and handles).
21:00 Row with half the crew sitting easy or with a bungee.

30:00 What to test and how.

Testing can be equipment, physiology, fitness and boat speed.
First decide what you want to learn about.
Then pick a protocol – how you will test.
32:00 How Concept2 tests oar designs. Fixed protocol – always the same.
33:30 Testing on the water – use the sane markers all the time.
38:30 Sub-maximal testing on the erg – you don’t need to taper before testing.