Rowing Tools

Tools say a lot about a rower. Learn what the pro coach carries in her single and in the coach boat


01:00 This past week – Marlene published an article Winning Head Races in Rowing
07:00 Your first head race – how to get mental and physical confidence.
Test yourself to find the optimal rate.
Try 3 minutes of the race one point in rate higher than you think. Analyse afterwards how you went.

14:00 Tools for Rowing – in the single scull

Marlene has a mini bag with
– Top nut wrench
– Small adjustable spanner
– Pusher outer tool for clip height washers
and a bungee cord – 2 feet long.

19:00 tools for Rowing – in the coach boat

– Metric and Standard wrench for top nut, 10mm and 8mm
– 3 Screwdrivers – C2, Flat head and Philips head
– Metric and Standard tape measure. 5 meters long
– Sharpie magic marker
– Electrical tape – white – and a pair of scissors.
Enough to get you back to the boathouse safely where a full repair can be done.
26:00 Rebecca’s 3 gadgets she loves
– T-bar spanner
– Martinoli nut tool
– CARE pitch gauge
– The wing nut tool (for the slides under the deck)
30:00 Rules for lending tools
Have a deposit – leave me your phone / sunglasses / water bottle.