Rowing weight loss and diet quality

Marlene and Rebecca talk about
– Weight loss and diet quality
– Naming your erg and your boat

Timestamps to the show

06:00 This Past Week – what we’ve been doing to advance Masters Rowing.
Marlene has been at the Rowing Canada conference gaining a certification on coaching coastal rowing from Guin Batten.
Rebecca investigates introducing a new racing classification “New Masters” in New Zealand; and also explains how to get an eights group training together in your club.
15:00 Naming your erg – Have you named your rowing machine?
Marlene’s first van Deusen single scull was called Finse – the tallest mountain in Norway.
We discussed Sobakevich from Gogol’s novel, Dead Souls.

22:00 Weight loss and diet quality. Since Christmas how much weight have you lost?
Changing diet habits is key. What improves diet quality?

– less sugar
– less refined foods (is there a wholegrain version?; is there a fresh version?)
– made at home means fewer preservatives
– boost your vegetables, fruits and high quality proteins.

Your brain likes “crunch” texture
Are you really hungry? Change soda to selzer water (sparkling water) – try to eat your calories not drink them.
Good habits
– small plate
– chew
– portion control
Rebecca and Marlene both use My Fitness Pal app for logging what you eat.

The World’s Healthiest Foods book by George Mateljan

35:00 Plan your week – remove decisions from the moment by planning ahead.