Run a scrimmage regatta

It’s our FIRST birthday. Marlene and Rebecca started Faster Masters Rowing a year ago.

Timestamps to the show

06:00 Frequency of episodes – should we stay weekly or revert to monthly? Let us know in the comments.
07:50 Ideas for substitute camps and regattas. Plan a weekend camp at your club. Friday potluck supper, Saturday row and get videoed, Do a video review on land. Afternoon paddle. Sunday row and video then go home.
10:35 Run a scrimmage regatta on your home water. Could use a time trial to find boats of similar speed first.
14:00 Steering to cover off your blind spot. How to look around and check where you are going!
18:15 Work out where in the stroke rhythm you do your look around. Practice on the erg indoors first
24:00 Rebecca’s old rowing photos
36:30 Challenge – how to find your stroke rate without a meter.


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