Sculling to lose weight

Marlene and Rebecca discussed
03:00 Rethinking the Olympics – what’s the purpose of it? Striving to achieve the highest potential you can.
Dame Katherine Grainger on rethinking the Olympics
07:50 The Economist asks if electronic sports should be included in the Olympics
16:15 Volker Nolte on the Olympics
21:00 Sculling to lose weight. Obviously this year it is not possible for sweep masters teams to get on the water. So I have taken up sculling, is three times a week sufficient for weight loss?
How many times a week were you sweep rowing? Number of calories you need for weight maintenance how to calculate for your body weight.
26:00 July’s Faster Masters program – technique module backing into the catch drill which builds on the erg suspension drill from last month. Performance module is Quick Boat Set Up for shared boats and the Bonus is a rigging challenge.
34:00 Elizabeth Bugert asked Does anyone know if you can connect a Garmin watch and Speedcoach on the same HR strap? If yes, which straps would you recommend?
Garmin Vivofit
Garmin Foreunner 935
NK Speed coach
Garmin HRM Dual
Polar H10
Coxmate GPS
43:00 Katherine Gross started a discussion on the Masters Rowing International Facebook Group
What fun/creative/meaningful/random/perfect/legendary name did you give your shell?