Really enjoyed your February edition of Faster Masters Rowing Radio. I took away a lot.

Mike Huet

Ontario, Canada
Thanks in advance for helping me help crews get to the finish lines faster.

Dave Frost

California USA
Again, LIFE CHANGING! Thank you for the excellent nit picking, and for your encouragement. I feel I’ve come a long way with the help of your coaching.

Lisa McMath

Colorado USA
Marlene, you and Rebecca are rocking the Masters rowing world. Thank you for doing all of this, you are helping so many people become better rowers and therefore happier people!

Jeanette Brimble

Ontario, Canada
Driving home Friday, I listened to your newest Faster Masters podcast. Although I’m not really doing erg time trials anymore, I found the discussion super-helpful in thinking about race prep. Seems like a good idea: every erg trial should be a time to practice on-the-water race plan, so it becomes the way you row.

Steven Maynard-Moody

Kansas, USA

I’m looking forward to implementing your training over the next year. Last year I struggled with trying to figure out how to handle masters training with bits and pieces of advice here and there. But with your structure that I see just in the first month, it’s going to help out greatly. It’s hard enough rowing let along making stuff up as I go along!

Chris Krupiarz


On the way to the erg sprints Friday night, in the car we listened to the Faster Masters February podcast. Thank you for that. My teammates loved it and we had great conversation afterward.

Jess DiCarlo

Pittsburgh, USA
Am wondering if you can suggest a strategy for a 1k piece? [Our recent podcast is exactly about 1k erg trials.] Cool! That was very helpful. I’m stoked to redo my 20 minute test to see how much I’ve improved.

Karen Watts

Florida, USA

Faster Masters is definitely helping me – it is extremely hard to coach yourself sensibly.

Persephone Wynn


Amazing thing – is that the Program is relevant – by which I mean it works to a plan and is very logical. And it actually has a lot of days each week on the program, not just two or three.

Gordon Williams


Hi Rebecca, As a relative newcomer to rowing (18 months regular club rowing after a few corporate rowing/learn to row programs at my son’s school boatshed, at age 55), I am finding your podcasts and the other Faster Masters resources absolutely invaluable. They always seem to answer any questions that I have when I don’t have our coach to hand. And I’m forever sending links of info to my crew mates.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience and adding to the fabulous community of masters rowers worldwide.
Many thanks

Pip Bulbeck


I would give the training plans a five as they were exactly what I was looking for. I don’t see any obvious areas for improvement.


Geezer Rowing Group in Wayne PA USA

I do enjoy the information you provide and the podcast. I absolutely love rowing and  coaching and have gained some good pointers from Faster Masters. 

Lynne Broad

“What is working well for you? The intensity and volume are just about right for a geezer like me! What could be improved for you? – Nothing comes immediately to mind.”


Geezer Rowing Group in Wayne PA USA

I rate it a 5 – wished I had this kind of direction 30 years ago!  The strength program has been particularly helpful with the core and hips and I’ve learned a lot about how to engage the entire body with relatively small weights in what appears to be a muscle specific exercise (1/2 kneel OHP is a good example).  In terms of suggestions, it would be helpful if we can get some guidance on cross training – for example, sometimes I use the spin bike for the long Cat 6 workouts but I am not sure where my pulse should be relative to my max for the workout (I try to keep it at 65 to 70% of max but it never quite feels like a workout at that level).  


Geezer Rowing Group in Wayne PA USA