Troubleshooting rowing steering

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Troubleshooting steering

In this episode of Faster Masters Rowing Radio we dig deep into issues you have keeping your boat straight and steering successfully.

The team covers steering using pressure on the oars and steering using a wire “toeing”.

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03:00 This Past Week – we have been watching a LOT of Olympic sports.
06:30 Listener survey results

11:00 Troubleshooting steering a rowing boat.

Why are you going off course? What’s happening, why and how to fix it.
Steer off a point on the bank / horizon align with the your stern of the boat.
Equipment – is the fin straight?
To find out if it’s the fin causing the issue – take a few big strokes and stop rowing with oars off the water and let the boat run…. watch to see if it glides straight or goes off in one direction.
16:00 How to correct your steering.
Leverage at the catch for pressure steering.

20:00 Boat checks for steering with a wire

Is your rudder and fin straight?
Is there tension on the wires
Have a steering shoe that fits
23:00 Steering straight off stake boat with a crosswind
29:00 Steering with an integral rudder and fin. And a canard fin / skeg reduces yaw.
31:00 The club annual steering course with theory and exam – appoint a foreperson for each boat.
Head Racing book by Carlos Zezza has great advice on steering head races
35:00 How to help those who cannot turn around easily? Divide the jobs so one steers and one looks around and a third does the calls.
Plan your practices so new steers people learn how to steer – half crew rowing; boats side by side; leap frogging;
44:00 Feathering with wet handles – how to do this; essential skills for successfully handling wet scull grips. You feel like you’re not in control when they are wet. Loose grip is key.


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