What is work through the pin in sculling

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe answer your rowing questions. [Ask Me Anything].

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03:16 AMA and please comment.
05:30 Should you vary racing starts by weather or boat type? Your start is 2% of your race in a 1k. So it’s not very important in the big picture. Practice your starts square blade to check you are being effective and have clean transitions.
10:30 The Danish Women 4x in 1996 start sequence. Our job is to follow the stroke
15:24 The best race Marlene ever had in Aiken, South Carolina in a single. “I remember thinking tap out a fraction earlier for the first 20 strokes. Keep the wheel spinning.”
17:20 If you have a peak race, go back 24 hours and identify what you did to set you up for that performance. You need to learn how to turn on / off your stimulation depending on what type of racer you are.
20:50 The concept of work through the pin. The arc of the handle and where the blade is set in the water. The time the blade as adequate force on it during the stroke cycle.
For your rigging – draw a line through your 2 pins and set your footstretcher so when you’re at full compression the centre line of your hip are at least level with the line. Or slightly to the stern. You can work on the catch angle later.
30:30 What is VO2 and why do you need to row slow and fast to train it? Create the metabolic conditions in your muscle cells with training. Increase capillary density in your muscle cells.
When racing for masters you race multiple times a day. The person with the best recovery ability will win more races on the last day.
37:15 Will a blade move bow-ward over the course of the drive from the catch to the release? Yes just as the blade is entering and getting loaded up.
41:00 Rowing in salt water you are slower is this resistance training?
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45:00 Sculling tip for 1x if you are new to the single scull after lockdown – pausing at the finish drill. Check your handle heights and spoons are on the water. Also check your elbow position.
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53:00 For rowing in rough water should you stay long or shorten the slide – which works best?
56:00 Messages from listerners in Sweden, Oregon, Australia, Scotland
58:30 How do you stay light on the seat and remind yourself to do it? Use your glutes. The Drive Suspension Drill is part of the June 2020 technique lesson in the Faster Masters Rowing subscription programs https://fastermastersrowing.com/our-courses/