Your rowing steering questions answered

Welcome to Faster Masters with Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.  We asked listeners to send us their questions and this podcast episode is all about training tapering and steering techniques for head racing.

In the Faster Masters subscription training program for November are: two separate rowing and land training plans for those doing head races this month and separately for those transitioning to winter training. We’ve got a technique focus on power drills.
The performance module features and article about the future of rowing data and Part 1 of the Elements of Endurance – factors affecting endurance training. In rowing lifestyle, Marlene talks about thoracic outlet syndrome a common nerve compression injury of the neck and how to take preventative or corrective measures.

Timestamps to the show

5:00 Questions and Answers – this podcast’s listeners sent us their questions.
Emily Erbelding asked about the Taper period in intensity and whether it differs for sprint versus head racing.
08.20 Sebastian Kazmierczak asks whether tapering is for a couple of days or a week at the Masters level and what physiological signs there are for an optimal taper.
12:40 Jeff Murray wants to know the fastest way to negotiate a narrow hard 90 degree turn in a quad during a head race.
18:26 Tom Erickson asks is there a preferred technique for a fast stake turn in a single scull?
24:15 Diane Davis is using a mirror and wants to know hints for turning and the best way to do Head of the Charles Magazine Beach and Elliott Bridge turns.
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33:30 Graham Spittle has been watching YouTube and a pre-warmup, warmup. As a 71 year old heavyweight is this necessary?
Rebecca references a podcast from by Caroline McManus – but it”s offline at present.
41:00 Ruth Berenson is racing HOCR and asks how to disentangle from another boat, pull yourself back to focus and take off again.
47:30 Michael Knowles from Bermuda Rowing Association asks when athletes use a seat pad, what adjustment is needed to the gate height?