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Buying rowing training programs online – making your decision.


01:00 A customer writes

“I have presented the options to our club & pushed heavily for the program. There are some very vocal people who feel like there are robust free training plans online Some suggest we reuse our plan from 6 years ago and that would suffice for our purposes. It’s more of an uphill battle than I expected. The next step is for people to submit their own recommendations for our committee to consider. Once that’s done, we will put it to a vote. People are just very largely against paying for a plan and think that we have enough talented, intelligent people on our team to put something together that’ll be good enough. We are a recreationally competitive club with no real desire to progress beyond that.”

Committee member for masters rowing group

Is this a situation that looks familiar to you?

02:00 Our challenges are often similar but local situations have nuance.

  • A committee that makes decisions
  • Vocal people in the group
  • Perceptions about what will “do the job” of a programme.

03:00 Any free rowing program MUST be written for masters.

If you’re athletic, and well-trained, aged 40 or less You will have no problem using free online programs written for 2k racing.

Men and women cannot do the same program because our physiology changes through the decades.

Try a sample of the Faster Masters Rowing programs sign up free here.

05:00 When buying a training program, speak to the person who has written it – ask about their experience training masters.

Do they have a good understanding of masters physiology? The diversity of people from beginners through returning rowers.

How to deal with adult novices, rigging adjustments, general adaptations for masters to row in comfort?

06:30 Broken Oars Podcast reviewed online training programs including Faster Masters Rowing.

The review is from the point of view of any athlete. This is what they said about Faster Masters programs.

07:00 “This program for 4 weeks ticks a lot of good boxes”.

Your Guide to Purchasing Rowing Coaching

Good reasons to spend money on a specific program for 1k racing. This program takes you there quite quickly – it has one week of training (specific preparation with a taper week). You get 7 days of training which you repeat each week and then move into the taper week before the regatta.

As you get closer to the race, you need to practice distance in meters, not minutes of workout. This workout is focused on 500m, 750m and 250m workouts aligned with learning the race distance within one workout.

This is a GOOD Training program for one thousand meters, I found it hard to get my training right for this distance.

11:30 Feedback we gave to Rebecca Caroe – the price could be increased to include a consultation – or to buy a consult on its own to get individual coaching suited for yourself.

Buy coaching from Faster Masters Rowing – buy time and expertise in the technique review service.

13:00 The full Faster Masters program offering is currently US$39 per month [2023]; it also includes gym strength and conditioning training as well as 4 articles on technique, peak performance, rowing lifestyle and a bonus.

Coaches can buy these programs in a Word doc format so you can edit them and adjust to your own situation.

Our offer is 100% refund if within 14 days you aren’t fully satisfied. Keep the program as our gift for you.

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