Buying a rowing boat

Marlene and Rebecca discuss
– synchronising male / female masters crews
– solving a leftwards lean while sculling
– Buying a boat – particularly a single scull 1x
– FISA Masters Regatta
– Masters Nutrition Webinar from Rowing New Zealand

Timestamps to the show

04:15 Synchronising male and female mixed crews – look if your oars are parallel; check catch and finish timings – clues you are not together. Easy things to adjust – foot stretchers, Hips level with the pin, practice timing drills to blend your strokes together.
12:50 Buying a boat – Have you got storage space? The type of boat should suit your water and racing choices. Different pricing levels. The right size for your body weight. Comfort is key. Test drive as many as you can.
19:00 Buying second hand rowing boats – how to get a ‘deal’.

See the slides from Mark Wilson and Charlotte Pierce in the Ready Row USA podcast
27:00 Solving a leftwards lean in a single scull. Check your hand positions at crossover, sit square on the seat, are your elbows dropped? Get a functional movement assessment. Video yourself to see where you go off of center during the stroke cycle.
34:00 Squeaky oarlocks in a single scull. Clean them, check the inserts – consider olive oil as a lubricant.

World Rowing FISA Masters Regatta


Rowing NZ will host a virtual Masters nutrition seminar with High Performance Sport New Zealand Senior Performance Nutritionist Christel Dunshea-Mooij. Christel will also be joined by recently retired elite rower Sophie Mackenzie, a qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist.

Join us at 7pm on Wednesday 19 August here: