Getting into a single scull

Rebecca Caroe and Marlene Royle talk single sculling and the difference between balance and stability.


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Timestamps to the show

03:00 9 Weeks into Lockdown and we are getting back in single sculls

05:30 Back on the water and feeling muscle fatigue. What to do in your first few rows

10:45 Get into a single – even if it is for the first time

14:00 My first single – a Colley for Rebecca; a van Dusen for Marlene

23:00 getting in to a single for the first time. Confidence drills, handle heights, shift your weight to be centred.

26:00 Balance versus stability in the sculling boat. Early drills – row in circles with arms only. Row alternating oars port and starboard – snake down the river. Check your grip and relax your fingers.

31:00 Making 90 degree turns. Learning to back down – blade depth and boat handling and safety skills

34:00 should you turn your blades upside down when backing?

41:00 Why turn boats with simultaneous strokes and why turn with alternate strokes.

48:00 Sculling with oarlocks open drill.

52:00 What two things are you working on? Send us your key focus when you buy a video analysis service.