Chasing any coaching advice

Chasing anyone’s advice. What to do if you have more than one coach.


01:30 Chasing advice. Marlene had several coaches. We congregated to train. Rebecca was at a club where the coach was provided.

Coaches agree in technique and philosophy – important if you have multiple advisors. Design your own training program.

Conflicting coaching advice

04:30 When your coach and online searches give conflicting advice. Take in the context if you are the club coach Watch you do not conflict with the other advisor if you know your athlete has multiple coaches Offer different ways to look at it – drills – language explainers

07:30 Clues what they’ve been taught is not what you teach. Watch them row

  • power application
  • bladework skills
  • recovery sequence
  • rhythm

Seek the one element which gives the most payback to work on first. Marleneism – not all errors are equal

The self-taught sculler

10:20 The Self-taught sculler will not have had the same drills, handling skills and fundamentals. You will not perfect your technique in a single camp week. We give you tools to go home and practice. How to practice that.

Multiple coachess

16:30 Multiple coaches – just getting one coach as a masters rower can be hard!

Style differences – sequential or simultaneous drive?

Attempt a classical style initially.

Use muscles in the correct sequence and to minimise biomechanical stresses on your body.

20:00 Tel your coach if you have had different advice. Is the difference style? Have you mis-understood the coach?

22:00 Coach’s track record needs to be checked out Are they qualified or just a good-intentioned person? Was it helpful and did it make things better?

25:00 Pre a big event – this is not the time to make radical changes to your technique. Improve what you already do well.

30:00 Look for trusted advice if you don’t have a regular coach. Don’t chase the last bit of advice you heard. What an elite athlete does may not be right for you. The principles of good technique will help you.

Don’t take random coaching advice from well-meaning people

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