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Marlene and Rebecca discuss

  • Interviewing and hiring a rowing coach
  • An inspirational email from your coach


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05:00 Interviewing and hiring a rowing coach. What to do and what not to do. You are looking for communication skills. Getting along with the group. Can they adapt their teaching style to the learning style of the athlete? What’s important to them as a coach – what do they get out of coaching?
09:00 Specify the goal of the programme – is it competition / fitness / recreational? What are the age range of athletes? Boat sizes – big or small. Write the advert for a rowing coach as specific as possible including qualifications needed
14:00 Interviewing a rowing coach. Get references. Invite them to a practice day. Watch how they interact with the athletes. Observe how they coach. Then ask scenario questions – how do they problem-solve this situation. In their reasoning check they have health and safety in mind and check they ask the right questions.
17:00 How would you select a crew? This is a great interview question to ask. Being a team player has a big influence on culture of the club. Remember unhappy members affect the club culture.
20:00 Coaching technique versus coaching people. They have to be effective communicators. Give the novices the best technical coach.
26:00 Have the crews give input into the selection – do a sample coaching weekend. Get feedback from your members. Use a survey which can be anonymous.
Read the article When Masters Can’t Find A Rowing Coach
29:00 Starting work with a virtual rowing coach. Several clubs are working with Faster Masters alongside having an in-person coach. It’s powerful to have a common goal for your group.
32:00 If your coach is not comfortable writing a program this can work well – buy the Faster Masters Rowing program and use it alongside your in person coach.


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