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You want a rowing coach who understands the needs of masters rowers.

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Congratulations, you’ve found an online rowing coach and a rowing training program for masters.  Because masters are often poorly served by their rowing club (the oldest boats, no coach, last to get attention). You have to self-organize to make your rowing the way you want it. We understand, because we’ve been in this exact situation. We know what it feels like for you. And we know the solution.

We coach all masters athletes – from beginners who are just getting started as novice rowers up to experienced masters rowers who have been sculling and rowing for many years. 

You have found a rowing coach who explains carefully, who enables you to improve your rowing technique and to train effectively for fitness, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

Faster Masters Rowing Coaches write the masters rowing training program which we sell as a monthly subscription. To gain focus for recreational rowing training, or create a rowing camp program suitable for a masters sculling group then you have come to the right place. 

Whether you train on your own or in an organized group, Faster Masters Rowing has a program for you.

Advocates for masters

We got asked a question – why are you doing all this work for masters?

We passionately believe that masters are an important part of rowing. We choose to work to change negative attitudes towards masters and enable more people to row in more clubs globally. 


Our vision is that rowing is a “sport for life”. As long as clubs, federations and coaches know how to work with older athletes, masters can row with “adaptations” for as long as they choose. 

Showcasing adaptations is part of our innovation; finding solutions to challenges is part of our thinking; overcoming structural impediments is part of our lobbying.

Alongside this we run a business selling educational webinars and training programs for masters, coaches and club boards. 

Rebecca Caroe

Rebecca Caroe

Rebecca has coached athletes from age 10 to over 70 years old and enjoys helping masters rowers understand how a boat moves and ways to make it go faster.  

BBC News invited Rebecca into their studio as the “Studio Expert” during the London Olympic Games to commentate.  She lends her commentary services to local regattas in New Zealand and is part of the Henley Royal Regatta YouTube commentary team.

BBC news, London Olympic Rowing, Rebecca Caroe,
Rebecca commentating at the London Olympics

She rows at North Shore Rowing Club in Auckland, New Zealand where she practices with a growing group of masters rowers – they love having guests so please visit if you are in town.