Free masters rowing advice

Rebecca and Marlene go on a rant in this week’s podcast – predictably they are feeling taken for granted.

  • No, you cannot coach yourself.
  • Yes there is free rowing advice on the internet…. and if it’s free – YOU are the product.
  • What this means for us (and you)

Timestamps to the show

01:00 the Head of the Charles interactive map of competitors
06:00 Virtual races coming up
10:00 Newsletter subscription – if you listen, please join us. Yes, we give you free rowing advice and our “payment” request from you is that you join the newsletter.


12:15 We want feedback from you, our listeners.
What are your opinions on investing in rowing training programmes? Why do you like free rowing advice?
You pay to travel to regattas, to camps, to race… and some people won’t pay for a training programme. Why?
16:00 Many rowers read books for knowledge. Compared to having a coach this is curious as the coach is a bridge between knowledge and actual practice. By reading do you get better skills in your boat?
22:00 Explanation of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere parallel rowing seasons and how the programmes take account of this. The 1k and 5k head racing programs. The training cycles align with races.
25:00 Free rowing advice on the internet – how does that affect  your improvement and your coaching? If you are serious about improving your programme should be written to understand your needs by someone who knows masters rowers.The difference between training for improvement or an event versus training for fitness,
29:45 Faster Masters is a business selling paid rowing training programmes. There’s a hierarchy of services affordable for most people.

  • Event programs 12 weeks training for 1k or 5k Head racing
  • One-off advice
  • Faster Five ebooks
  • Magazine monthly
  • Join our newsletter
  • Live listeners to the podcast
  • We would prefer to get rid of freeloaders.
  • You and we understand why we are here. What we both get out of the Faster Masters podcast.

35:00 Tell us more about what you want from Faster Masters.