Head Racing

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Doing your best race

It’s not easy to perform under pressure.  And Head Racing is a special kind of challenge.  There are many unexpected things that happen – from weather and wind to overtaking another crew.  

  • Do you know your ideal rating?
  • What about race day mindset?
  • How to cox a long race without repeating calls?

The risk is that you won’t do your best race.  And you only get one shot at a head race.  

The Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters

In the book we have chapters covering these topics:

  • Ramping up your training before the head race season
  • Advice to make the most of your head race
  • 5 Reasons Head racing is the BEST
  • Finding the right rating 
  • Head race pace setting
  • Trials on race day
  • Warm up: prepping your mindset
  • Finishing touches for head racing day
  • Coxing long races (without sounding repetitious)

Each topic is an example of the insider expert advice from Faster Masters.

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What Our customers say

Faster Masters is definitely helping me - it is extremely hard to coach yourself sensibly.

Dr Persephone Wynn - Nottingham Boat Club, & British Rowing Coach Assessor

Amazing thing is the programme works to a plan and is very logical.

Gordon Williams - F1x National Champion, New Zealand North Shore Rowing Club