Headwind versus tailwind rowing

Should you row differently in a headwind and a tailwind? Why and what and how?


01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.
07:00 Lifeproof phone cases – demonstration of how to use them in a rowing boat.

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Waterproof phone cases damage and drop-proof for mobile phones
08:30 Belt clip attaches to a boat tie on the rigger
10:00 Handlebar attachment – a small tube stays on your boat.
12:00 Arm strap – 3 different lengths of velcro

15:00 Rowing in a headwind

Headwinds slow down your power phase.
Expect a more 1:1 ratio.
Be patient, control what you do – don’t allow the wind to rush you.
Maintain your length in the water.
Adjust stroke rate so it feels good. You aren’t “rowing in mud”.
18:30 Changes to make for headwind rowing

  • Square later
  • Be patient at the catch – legs can be slower
  • Hold onto the finishes – keep back and arms dynamic
  • Use your body weight
  • Back-end load the stroke.
  • Headwinds push you to shorten up.
  • Use high elbows to hold onto the finish longer.

22:00 If you have chop and rough water which often comes with a head wind.
Rowing in peaks and troughs of waves.
Keep handles low so you clear the wave caps.
Article – rowing in rough water

25:00 Rowing in a tailwind

Tailwinds push you along.
It can feel like the power has got away from you and you’ve missed the catch.
Less load on your blades.
27:00 Changes to make for tailwind rowing.

  • Pay attention – don’t let the wind control you.
  • Be sharper with your transitions during the power phase.
  • Feel the boat for release timings
  • Everything happens a little quicker.
  • 28:30 Front-end load the stroke
  • Early leg drive.
  • Tap the finish out earlier and don’t get caught in.

32:30 Rigging Strategies for windy conditions

Practice before any race event – don’t make first-time changes on the day.
1 cm adjustment on the button.
Move footstretcher one notch for Tailwind – towards the stern.
Clams can be kept on your oars and used / adjusted on the water.
The wind can change too during an event!
37:00 Experiment in smaller regattas with these changes.

Rowing in windy conditions
Advice on how to row in head and tailwinds
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