How to row in rough water

Marlene and Rebecca kick into a discussion on how to row on rough water.

This is one of the biggest challenges that new rowers face.   It is hard because feeling unbalanced makes you tense up, shorten your stroke and feel anxious. All these things contribute you to having a WORSE experience of rowing in rough water.

Our top tip is to gain ONE technical skill which will help you overcome these challenges.  When you can handle your oar blades successfully, the relaxation and lack of balance can both be improved with practice.

Every time you go rowing, you should practice this one technique so that when it is rough water, you are ready and skillful.

Image CREDIT: Ellen Braithwaite at Open Water Rowing Center in Sausalito. Photographer Stefan Benton


07:00 Tips for new 1x single scullers. The Crossover hand position. Nest your right hand knuckle under the heel of your left hand

13:00 Sculling in rough water. Feather higher – focus on the release of the stroke and move fluidly round to crossover hands position. Relaxation – an active lack of tension. Lower body – let your hips adjust the balance with the boat hull.

20:00 Greece junior world championships – the “Hurricane” regatta. Relax your neck and focus on quality in a drill to improve your skill.

25:00 Square blade rowing as training for rough water. 31:00 Good drills for square blade rowing. What to do if you have a mental block?

38:00 Align and activate your lats using your scapula. Marlene demonstrates how.

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