When masters can’t find a rowing coach

An open letter to rowing club captains and organising committees

Dear Rowing Club Captains.
I hear that your Masters group are struggling to find someone to coach them.
This is a common problem and I hear about it regularly from rowing clubs around the world.
You are not alone.
It is extremely challenging to find an experienced masters rowing coach.  From your point of view as Captain, masters are adults and can row safely on their own, unlike the juniors.
The trouble is you are expected by the committee to give priority to your juniors and other racing squads.
In an ideal world, you’d have the money to hire experienced coaches for every group in the club.
We know, you try hard but it’s challenging balancing time, money and access to the boats and other equipment for everyone when they all want it at the same time!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a future when the masters can self-organise so that they can continue on their pathway alongside the rest of the club and you can free up some club resources to spend where they are needed.
We all know masters are a useful part of the club. They can be relied upon to turn up for working bees, to fund raise and run the bar. In return of course they need a little bit of investment!
I run an organisation called Faster Masters Rowing.
It provides virtual coaching for masters.
This includes monthly training programs, technique coaching, lifestyle and land training advice for groups like yours. We have a whole club program which each month provides seven separate modules set up and designed just for Masters Rowers.
Coaching Masters Rowers is not the same as coaching seniors or juniors. There are distinct considerations with regard to their physical capability, their physiology, and their mentality.
That is why you need a specialist Masters rowing coach.
I would be happy to show you what we can offer if you think this could suit the needs of your rowing club.
Best wishes in rowing,
Rebecca Caroe and Marlene Royle

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