Ways to carry a single scull

Carrying a rowing boat takes practice – it’s easy when you are shown how to do it correctly.

In this episode of the podcast, Rebecca demonstrates 3 ways to carry a single scull as well as carrying a wing rigger a 3-stay euro rigger boat and a reverse wing rigger 1x.

04:00 How to carry a single scull

Marlene was photographed in Steve Kiesling’s 1991 book, the Complete Recreational Rower and Racer carrying her single.


Video of how to carry a single scull.

07:00 Watch a video of how to carry a single scull.

Rebecca lifts each boat out of the water.

  • Showing how to find the balance point.
  • Lifting to waist height – rest the shell on your thighs for stability.
  • Lifting to riggers vertical and carry on your shoulder or at waist height (in the crook of elbow)
  • Lifting to carry the boat above head height, resting on your head.

12:35 Marlene’s cautionary tale about carrying a wing rigger on a windy day Carry the boat with your hands in 2 different places to give more stability – not opposite each other on the gunwales. A wider grip is possible when you hold the riggers.

15:15 practice by putting the boat on slings / trestles.

3 things to practice

  • Pick it up until you find the balance point. Walk around and put it down several times. Put the boat on a rack – a low rack is easy to use as you can rest the boat on your thighs.
  • Practice holding the boat and rolling it over the right way up and upside down using your thighs to rest the hull on while turning.
  • Practice carrying the boat above heads with straight arms
  • Practice putting the boat on a high rack or on your car roof rack

21:00 Upper body strength is needed – about 30lbs is the weight of a rigged single – in order to carry the boat over your head. Do an arm press up to 30lbs to get stronger.

27:00 Is a wet launch pick up easier for a single scull? Don’t leave your oars floating on the water when taking your boat out of the water.

How to carry a single scull