Impostor Syndrome in rowing

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02:00 This Past Week We have been discussing future articles with Ed Hewitt at Row2k.
On the newsletter you can join our Advocates group where we share one article a month which you can share with your club group.

04:00 Rigging for Masters Webinar

– basic boat set up for your private boat and for club boats
– customise your own boat
11:00 Volter Nolte – How to get a longer stroke
Using rigging adjustments for comfort. You will row better if you are comfortable in the rowing boat.

19:00 Impostor Syndrome in rowing

What are your rowing activities that contribute to your rowing practice?
23:00 Coming to practice regularly.
Objective measurements like kms rowed and number of practices you attend.
Compare yourself with your own previous performance. Use video to do the comparison.
26:00 James Loehr’s book – Mental Strength for Athletes has the premise – no matter what you want you must have the physical preparation to do it.
When you step into the boat you become the performer.
31:00 The process of acquiring skill in rowing.
What would I think of someone who does this # practices a week, this # kms rowed a week. View the facts objectively.
32:00 What do you want to get out of your rowing?
Outsiders don’t really care as much as you do.
The Satisfaction you get is driven by you.
34:00 Your persona at the boat house – it has its own aura and is not the same as a gym.