Limiting beliefs in your rowing

What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect your rowing? Some of call it the voice of the inner lizard. We’ll talk about how to set yourself on a good course for this holiday period.


01:22: Jess DiCarlo talks about the book of the month, The Compleat Dr. Rowing by Andy Anderson. He is Dr. Rowing from the column in Rowing News magazine. .

03:15 The story of the Japanese rowers, rowing words, and the style of stories

04:55 The story “Seat racing a Twinkie” or was it a ham sandwich?

Limiting beliefs

15:15 What are limiting beliefs? The definition.

17:00 Jess talks about perfectionist think; what do I do if I can’t follow a plan? About perfectionism.

18:30 Enjoying the process of what you are doing.

19:15 Marlene talks about Dr. Amy Johnson’s book “It’s Just a Thought” how you deal with limiting beliefs and changing habits. Where are the thoughts formed and how to deal with them. What is the inner lizard. Buy Dr Johnson’s book.

Changing habits

23:40 About changing habits and habitual thoughts.

What ever you give attention to is reinforced.

28:10 Marlene talks about the resource: Limiting Beliefs Activity Sheet from UCDavis Success

Coaching and Learning Strategies

Activity question: What limiting belief do you want do you want to work on?

When you talk yourself out of taking action, what do you tell yourself?

29:30 Marlene talks about Mel Robbin’s 5-minute morning routine and boosting your energy for the day.

31:50 Take your thinking and break it into little tiny steps to create momentum.

33:55 During the holidays even if you miss your regular workout still do something- stretch, a 20-minute walk- it still counts. Limiting beliefs are not truth unless we act on them.

35:22 If you accomplish 80% of what you want to do you are doing quite well.

37:00 Happy Christmas we will be back the first week of January.

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