Mapping a good erg program

Marlene and Rebecca discuss
– Mapping out a good erg program
– Feedback on caring for elders

Winter rowing training

Through winter the weather affects our rowing. Some are iced in and others just have windy and bad weather days.

We all need to use the erg and water interchangeably – in this episode Marlene and Rebecca discuss how they map out a good erg program.

Start with knowing your spring goal –

  • are you using winter training to stay fit for 1k racing next summer
  • or are you using winter training to do a long distance head race in March

Your program needs to reflect these different goals.

Winter is good for building underlying fitness through a base preparation program which maintains your physical form.

Customise your program by doing the Faster Five Fitness Assessment – then you will be working within your personal capability ad know that your training is in the correct zone to improve your physique to achieve your chosen goal.

Timestamps to the show
01:00 The rowing seasons are changing. Winter rowing beckons
05:00 Masterclass Transitioning to Winter. Sign up here

07:00 US Rowing Conference. Wednesday December 9th 2020 the Training day. Marlene is talking on Training for Life at 12.45 EST. See the full schedule.
Speakers include Stephen Seiler who was on a previous RowingChat episode
09:30 Update on the National Masters Strategy New Zealand – we are creating a model framework. If you want to copy the model, contact Rebecca Caroe
15:00 Caring for Elders was last week’s topic. Feedback from a listener. Training is a great outlet for your stress cortisol levels.
18:00 Short intervals on the erg or a power workout are time-efficient which suits carers.
21:00 Mapping a good erg program. Faster Masters programs for December 2020 include 2 separate programs. Base preparation for 1k (next summer) and Base preparation for 5k with a spring peak. if you are planning the Tideway Head Races or the Heineken Regatta or CRASH-B erg races.
Every workout has a land and water instruction including stroke rates.
Faster Five fitness assessment helps you to individualise your program.
25:00 Understand the purpose of the workout. Priority sessions.
Adapting workouts for the erg – 2 points lower in rate.
28:00 Check the resistance and the drag factor of 80-90 on Concept2. Marlene recommends erring on the light side for resistance.
30:00 Riggers on the rack don’t line up – how to rack your 1x when some boats have forward wings and others have back mounted wing riggers.
32:00 Marlene’s nightmare of having to use a ladder to rack her single scull on the top rack.


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