Strategies for long erg rows

We need endurance training at low rate but golly it’s boring. Learn some strategies to pass the time profitably investing in improving your performance and training consistency.


02:00 Low intensity sessions – how to approach them.

Common training mistake is to do the lower intensity session too hard. “Conversational level” workout – can you sing while rowing?

It trains your heart – it is beating slower and pumps more blood per heartbeat. A conditioning effect is lower morning heart rate as a result. This builds capillary density.

05:00 Goal is training consistency. Build a data set of your scores. Keep the training effect the same, even if you have to cut the workout shorter.

You become more fatigue resistant. Improve your recovery time between races in the summer because you’re fitter from winter training.

Erg technique

09:30 Make technique corrections during your long erg workouts.

12:00 Choose a technical focus – every 5 minutes do one technical improvement for one minute. Repeat every 5 minutes.

14:00 Listen to audio books, podcasts while you work out. If you stop rowing during the session, it takes 3 minutes for the capillaries to start closing down. You could do a core exercise and re-start without losing the training effect.

A psychological break.

17:00 Rebecca counts strokes – chasing the average split number for your programmed workout. How many strokes to reduce the average by 0.1?

Consistency – in power, rate, technique and mental approach is your goal.

Concentration is a big element of racing – you can build up your concentration skill here and it will be beneficial.

Three ways to pass the time on the erg
Long erg strategies – chase average split score and count strokes.

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