Pausing at the Finish

Pausing at the finish technique – Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.

It’s become fashionable for crews to pause at the finish of the stroke with handles close to the body – more in sweep than sculling. Why do this? Is it effective?

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01:30 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.
HOCR results and congratulations to our winners
10:00 Ask Me Anything – Marlene and Rebecca answer your questions. Doing 2 races in one day.
How much time do you have in between races?
Dry clothes, eat immediately, hydrate and fuel.
Rest if you can.
Zone out in your car and listen to music or read. Set an alarm.
Plan any changes to your race plan for race #2
Take a snack in the boat in a plastic bag.

18:00 Paused finish.

I don’t coach this but it’s not necessarily wrong.
Look at the athletes and crew you have – what works for them?
Drew Ginn ad a quicker recovery and high skills for catch timing when he started doing the paused finish.
20:30 Focus on the follow through position. Finish the cycle at arms/body away.
Be aware of a 1x versus a crew boat and can you all do this technique?

28:00 Simultaneous versus sequential drive.
Try both and video yourself before deciding.
Get the drive time to 0.8 seconds.
There is a lot of room to do legs, back and arms
Stay effective – don’t reach too far or lay back too much
Racing starts – you may want simultaneous for more power.
33:00 Opening the knees at the catch.
Is this flexibility, structural in your hip socket and femur?
Look at your foot stretcher and heel to top of seat measurement – match your erg.
Angle of the foot stretcher
Take a nerf ball or water bottle or buy an elastic and hold between your legs as you row as a reminder.
Glute medius may need muscle strengthening
Check the shoe position width in the boat compared to the erg.


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