Racing mentality – all or nothing

When to take risks with your race plan – what types of risk to choose and when to use them.
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01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. Marlene has been teaching beginners

08:00 Race Plans – these are included free in our subscription training programs. Check the Performance module for 1k and 5k template race plans.

Mentality for racing

09:00 Mentality for racing – it’s individual.

  • be committed to doing your best
  • on this one day
  • emotions
  • skill levels

It’s process based mentality and NOT results based.

11:30 Racing is 90% mental Know yourself and make a plan to calm yourself. A race is an opportunity to express yourself.

12:45 Your brain will tell you to protect yourself. It will try to keep you safe. In between your thoughts, talk to yourself. Make your mistakes in practice and in trials.

Racing intuitively

15:30 Racing is often intuitive – build your experience to improve this. 19:00 The four quarters and what to do strategically in each

  • first quarter – do a start and get on a good rhythm
  • second quarter – be tough on yourself. Watch your average speed
  • third quarter – be tough on your competitors
  • fourth quarter – your sprint finish

23:00 Mary Whipple took a risk to let the boat “breathe” Bring the focus back to the boat – not us.

29:00 Taking an extra push after pulling level with another crew. Put them away if you can

34:00 Pull a trick out of the bag for each situation you face.

Perfect races rarely happen.

Marlene Royle

Be prepared to respond to every situation that arises.

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