Rowing gratitude during lockdown

Faster Masters Rowing podcast for surviving training during Lockdown.
Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe focus on gratitude and enjoying the process


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Timestamps to the show

02:00 Marlene has a surprise for us. The Up The Pond Song from St John’s Regatta Newfoundland
08:00 Gratitude will help us through – and love the process
10:30 Do you need an extra motivation boost?
13:15 Rowing training is supposed to be hard. Marlene says “I never writes a workout that I haven’t done myself.”
17:00 Gratitude and Anzac Day / London Marathon erg fund raising for charities
Coming back from missing sessions or injury – you need to allow a similar amount of time to get back to where you were before you stopped.
24:00 Rowing Resources during Covid19
A local Invercargill lass who was taking Pilates (mat classes)
Gondola rowers in Venice delivering groceries during Covid19
Concept 2 Global Marathon and Century Challenge May 1st – 15th submit your score
30:00 Rowing Books list