Rowing motivation in the winter months

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe set out their priorities for February training for masters rowers.

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Prygl Rowing Camps – 2 events in July and August ideal prep for FISA World Masters
12 Week Head Race Training Program for HORR, Vets Head, Heineken Cup, WEHORR

Timestamps to the show
04:00 What’s in the February Faster Masters training subscription programme?
06:30 Motivation in the winter months. This is a great book by James Clear Atomic Habits how to build good habits and break bad ones
Track your training.
Give yourself rewards.
If you miss a day…..don’t miss another one.
16:00 Planning a rowing training camp. Camp goals – training / technique / crew selection. NOT all three.
18:25 Invite a guest coach to your camp
29:00 Dressing for winter training. Hats – keep your head and feet warm. Pogies or knit your own mittens.
Have an eye to local rules about training temperatures and wind chill.
Hand warmers – Rebecca favors shooting mitts