12 week head racing

Head Racing 12 week program

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You are a Masters Rower preparing for winter long distance head races, this is a training programme written just for you.  Spanning 3 months leading up to a long distance 5k+ regatta, expert coach Marlene Royle runs through the specifics that you need to train effectively and race successfully.

The plan is adjustable whether you train 6 times a week, 5 or 4 times a week.  You can adapt it to suit your unique situation.

Within the book you will find:

  1. Phase 1 Training  – Foundation: Low stress training, good routine, gradual increases. Focus on improving technical weaknesses.
  2. Phase 2 Training – Early Quality: Prepare for the type of training that will be of most importance in the following phases, introduce more intensive endurance work, focus on improving stroke mechanics.
  3. Phase 3 Training – Transition Quality: Most stressful phase that is event specific and it sets you up for the final quality phase that is less stressful. Stress the proper systems for the event distance. Stay with proper training paces and do not over do it here.  Avoid injury and illness.
  4. Phase 4 Training – Final Quality: Prepare for actual race conditions. Focus on strengths. Concentrate on what you do best in the final phase of training. Be fresh not fatigued.

Marlene advises

Approach each full workout as the “goal.” If there is any workout that you cannot complete or have to build up to the full session, it is best to follow the proper intensity but scale back the amount of work


  • Simple pre-race warm-up
  • Reminders checklist for your peak event
  • Advice on workout modifications you may need
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