Rowing training and caring for kids & elders

Rebecca and Marlene discuss
– US Rowing Conference
– Training while caring for kids and elders
– Upcoming Masterclass Transitioning to Winter Rowing


02:00 Family Quads at the Bennett Shield Regatta

masters rowing, quad scull, family quad race,

The Brake Family Quad

04.30 inter squad fun races – with nickels and quarters as prizes
07:45 Transitioning to Winter training masterclass – sign up

09:00 US Rowing conference Wednesday December 9th 2020 the Training day. Marlene is talking on Training for Life at 12.45 EST. See the full schedule.

17.oo Training while caring for kids or elders
19:30 Rowers can be very generous – they give their all. Take care of yourself first. Boundaries are needed – scheduling is a problem. Be as consistent as you can.
Reduce cortisol levels by training regularly. Choose from erg / walk / stretch / row on water.
22:00 Don’t give up on structure. Commit to 30 minutes a day.
Resources in a past episode we covered

What can you delegate? Cleaning, gardening, shopping?
24:00 Use the travel circuit suggestions which we covered in this episode.
Set up a nice home rowing gym

Dionne is “super-Mom” she trains around her kids naps and their sport sessions.
28:00 Run with the kids to school and then you run home alone.
30:00 Protect and defend your time. The beautiful word called “NO”.
Find some regular training partners who can sub in for you at the last minute if something comes up.
35:00 Erg Studio at home – make it a nice place to be.