Should clubs have a masters learn to row program?

Learn to row programmes for masters. Masters rowing has two types of member – returning rowers who learned in their youth and adult beginners. Should club boards consider adding more learn to row programs? We discuss the advantages and disadvantages.


01:30 Learn to row – who wants to do it?

02:30 Clubs need a strategy and goals first. Does LTR fit into this? Marlene coached in 1982 Boston, MA and it was the only learn to row in town.

Pathway to club membership

04:30 What is the funnel pathway to membership of the club? This is important to figure out. A community club needs presence with townsfolk.

06:00 when someone tries rowing it is either a yes or a no. Do they like it?

08:30 Pathways – some run LTR over 6-8 weeks and that isn’t effective. it’s better to do a weekend to get them hooked. A 48 hour camp where you – row Sat/Sun and learn a lot.

12:30 For a small club after LTR integrating a whole group is challenging.

Large clubs with coaches can have 3 groups – beginner /intermediate / advanced

13:30 Give the Learn to Row course members the best coach you can – It’s their first impression.

So they feel understood. Many clubs host introductions to rowing throughout the year. We recommend you add an entry level class – with a skills checklist to confirm skills before you can join the intermediate group.

17:15 LTR courses are a great fundraiser. The goal of the program is an adventure camp. Learn something new and fun.

Are masters coachable?

20:00 Are masters receptive to coaching? Or is it a lack of coach communication skills?

Masters attend camps because of coaching. When you ask what’s important to them you find a focus for your coaching.

You can’t coach masters like juniors. Give people time to explore rowing.

Masters Rowing – the book by Volker Nolte and Wolfgang Fritsch has a chapter on running a masters learn to row course. It’s exactly the way Rebecca teaches her novices. Buy the book.

Want easy live streams like this? Instant broadcasts to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Faster Masters uses StreamYard: https://streamyard.com/pal/5694205242376192

Adult learn to row courses
Club boards review learn to row strategy and pathway to membership.

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