Coaching a novice masters crew

A client got in touch with us asking a question which we know many of you will relate to.

Hi, I’m a masters rower voluntarily coaching a novice crew; my crew are racing in the first weekend of December so we have 8 weeks basically to get some fitness up.

I’m wanting an erg program for them – ages 35, 59, 50 and 43 – two younger women fitter than the older ones.

Can you help?

YES, Faster Masters can help you coach

The short answer is yes.
The Faster Masters Crew programme will work fine on an erg or on water. It is designed around 3 core modules each week with 3 optional extras.
Your younger athletes can probably do more sessions than your older athletes (depending on fitness). These sessions will build fitness as well as starting to practice the racing distance.
We give you a choice of programmes – for 1k or 5k racing. And both include a pre-race taper week so you peak for the event.
Here is the link to the Crew programme for you to buy.
If you want us to help YOU coach, then I recommend the Faster Masters Club Programme because then you get one on one zoom calls with Marlene or Rebecca each month, plus email advice which will help you coach the group.
And of course you get the Faster Five free with either programme which will guide you as a coach and give the athletes a deeper understanding of rowing and how the elements of the programme help them.

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