Weight training delays death

Exercise with weights linked to lower risk of early death, study says.

Why we need MORE gym work as we age.


02:00 Weight lifting makes us stay healthier, longer. Being Active as well as doing weight lifting had 14% to lower risk of premature death. Other types of exercise were also included.

04:00 Mortality risk appears to be lowest for those adults who reported doing weightlifting. They had a 9% lower “all-cause mortality risk” Masters rowers are already active so staying strong gives greater quality of life. 06:00 How quickly can you walk across the street? A measure of ageing.

07:00 Thinner This Year book by Jen Sacheck – Muscle Nutrition specialist. It’s a lifestyle book with great advice.

Why muscles help ageing

09:00 Muscle as the grand negotiator of body signals.

Stimulus must be constantly there to keep your muscles alive.


  • Consume sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Burn fat

Your weight training routine

13:00 Strategies that work for you. Work out at least twice a week with weights. You need recovery between sessions.

Get into shape BETWEEN not during sessions.

Joe de Leo suggests different off-season and on-season weight training.

16:00 when we row it’s load bearing but that isn’t that doing weights.

How about power strokes in the rowing boat? No – that’s strength endurance. Rowing is repetitive and compared to a one Rep Max lift, one stroke is a low load Goal of strength training is to activate more muscle fibres to fire at the same time. We lose our slow twitch muscles as we age.

18.00 Other ways to increase resistance in your training:

  • Bungee under your boat
  • You can do weight training on the erg with high resistance.
  • Set the erg on an incline (box under front leg).
  • Short bursts.
  • Body weight exercises work too.
  • TRX straps are good for home use.

23:30 kettle bells 25lb or 12kg are worth buying for your home gym. Bags with weights Nested dumb bell weights.

26:00 Strength training does not need a lot of time. Ideal rowing home gym.

Exercising with weights – low repetitions.
Improve longevity with strength training