Balance exercises for rowing

Balancing a boat is easier with personal balance skills – core strength combines with boat handling skills.

01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.
04:14 The training program for August 2022 from Faster Masters
Training module – 1k program peak
5k program for Oct & November peak
HOCR specific program
Fitness is standalone 5 workouts for fat burning, endurance or strength endurance
Land training includes Balance Exercises in the gym
Benefits of having a rowing accountability partner

Balance – body

09:00 Body balance exercises
Supportive of our movements for ageing athletes
Balance is trainable over time.

Balance – boat

11:00 The J-curve drill -Rebecca’s favourite balance exercise in the boat

14:30 A basic pause drill at part of the cycle. Count One 1000, Two 1000 then go
Choose a point in the recovery to do it.. Marlene prefers arms and body away. It completes the acceleration phase.
Variations you can introduce

  • Square /feather twice
  • Cut the cake

Do it at low speeds and low ratings but with good pressure
20:00 – Podcast offer for new supporters – make a podcast donation and want to get the video of the J-curve drill message us.

Standing balance exercises

24:00 Body balance exercises standing

  • One legged airplane row
  • The star balance tap
  • Single leg jump

28:00 Single leg jump
29:30 A listener question from Bernie – balance getting into the boat – from a dock

Body balance skill and exercises
Essential body balance exercises

Additional Resources

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