Blending a rowing crew

Getting a group of rowers into one boat is simple – making their individual techniques blend into a crew combination that can row in time is a longer process. Our podcast discusses 3 core drills to combine into a crew.


01:00 This Past Week – what you can learn from elite athletes. Intention and attention.

08:00 Crew lineups – combination that can cooperate

Good rhythm and flow and energy.
Does it “click?”
Is the recovery matched up?

15:00 What should I adjust?

  • Blending into a crew starts with following the stroke. Can you improve your precision?
  • Start from the finish position – align this.
    Arrive at the finish blade extraction together.
    Check blade angles are parallel in a static position check.
  • Come out of the water together
  • Focus on getting to the recovery perpendicular blades together.
    19:00 Use peripheral vision to see the finish of your oars

20:00 Drills for crew alignment.

  • Pause drills use arms and body away. Get tot he same position before the knees rise.
  • Double Pause drill – count “One one thousand, two one thousand, row”
  • Pause at the finish with blades on the water if the balance is poor
How to coach a rowing crew to blend techniques
Crew combinations and drills to help combining

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