Coaching in a rowing tank

Future Plans | Faster Masters Rowing Radio
Faster Masters future
– What we’ve done so far
– What we’d like to do in future
– Your ideas
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01:00 It’s the holidays in USA so Rebecca is hosting solo today.
02.30 US Virtual Rowing convention – Masters Monday will feature Marlene and Rebecca talking on a Vision for the future of Masters Rowing. This link is to the schedule

04:00 Coaching in a rowing tank

– what can you do inside  a rowing tank with a group of beginners?
Sweep or sculling
Use the mirrors
Drills for technique
Recommend you stay square blades for beginners. –
Teach the timing points – watch the outside elbow (sweep) both elbows (Sculling) watch the slide.

Film the athletes

How to Film the athletes in a rowing tank so they can learn whether they’re following accurately.

90 degree square off and 45 degree angle shots – advantages

Roll through the line of athletes and which to focus on and for how many strokes.

07:00 Faster Masters future –

we’d like you to be a part of our planning
– What we’ve done so far – Training programs; webinars (one off)
11:45 Rowers who don’t want to race. Would you like a Faster Masters program which suits your goals (technique and skill rather than fitness workouts)?
12:40 What we’d like to do in future – new webinar topics. What would you like to learn?
– Your ideas – A program setting up your rigging, footstretchers and oarlock heights
– Menopause and Rowing
– Nutrition – how our needs change as we age and what we can do about it. Aging well.
13:300 Concierge service – book a 20 minute free meeting with us to answer your rowing questions.