Faster Masters™ Episode 1

1 Module

Faster Masters Rowing™ Episode 1: Rowing Technique for Masters: Includes detailed description of Sweep rowing technique; Sculling technique

This series of ebooks comprises stand-alone advice on aspects of rowing for older athletes.

Episode 1 covers Marlene Royle’s expert review of technique both sculling and sweep.

In this ebook you will get these elements – the complete video of the interview through a 40 minute YouTube link, the written transcript including timestamps; and two additional documents – “Sculling Notes on Technique” and “Sweep Notes on Technique”.

– Setting up the boat
– Quality of movement
– How to develop awareness of movements – yours and the boat
– Going faster by not slowing down
– The four speed quadrants
– Complete stroke cycle review
– How to work with YOUR coach on Marlene’s advice

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