Faster Masters™ Episode 4

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Faster Masters Rowing™ Episode 4: Drills & Exercises for Developing Stroke Power: Includes 12 drills for you to practice in the boat 

Episode 4 of the Faster Masters Rowing™ Suite focuses on boosting stroke power through sample drills and workouts. Marlene Royle launches into the essentials of the drive sequence, and goes over stroke-by-stroke coverage of building power, pause, and strength drills.

The episode contains a 41 minute video through a YouTube link, accompanied by a transcript and an additional resource, “12 Workouts for Developing Stroke Power”.

Preview further topics in the episode:

– Peak power tests, and designed sessions for water or in the gym
– The drive sequence, from weight suspension to body swing
– Utilizing rowing machine exercises
– Low-rate, high power drill
– Sample workouts with bungee cords

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