Faster Masters™ Episode 4

Developing stroke power - once you can handle the oars/sculls you need to apply your muscles to leveraging the oars through the water. Stroke power is the combination of physical strength, body sequencing, recruiting muscles, learning relaxation and being able to do it at increasing stroke rates for longer periods of time.

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Faster Masters Rowing™ Episode 4: Drills & Exercises for Developing Stroke Power: Includes 12 drills for you to practice in the boat 

Episode 4 of the Faster Masters Rowing™ Suite focuses on boosting stroke power through sample drills and workouts. Marlene Royle launches into the essentials of the drive sequence, and goes over stroke-by-stroke coverage of building power, pause, and strength drills.

The episode contains a 41 minute video through a YouTube link, accompanied by a transcript and an additional resource, “12 Workouts for Developing Stroke Power”.

Preview further topics in the episode:

– Peak power tests, and designed sessions for water or in the gym
– The drive sequence, from weight suspension to body swing
– Utilizing rowing machine exercises
– Low-rate, high power drill
– Sample workouts with bungee cords

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