Racing Starts Challenge VIP4

Rebecca · May 11, 2023

Each day during the Racing Starts Challenge we take you BACK STAGE for a private Q&A session with Marlene, Rebecca and our expert guests.

You will meet:

  • Henry Fieldman  Olympic Cox 2021 will teach the coxswain’s point of view – how to get to the start, getting your warmup done in time, how to back into the starting gate and calm your crew or yourself down.
  • Will Satch – Olympic 8 and Pair will explain how to get off the start cleanly, build up your stroke rate and find the right combination of short strokes
  • Emily Craig – Tokyo Olympian and reigning European champion  will explain transitions, how to move from your start sequence onto the mid-race rating.
  • Backstage live Video Q&A

Each day after the public event ends you will join us in a private backstage VIP room with our expert guest of the day.

In the room you will get MORE detail from the expert on HOW to do the manoeuvres and practices they recommend for racing starts.

You will also get YOUR QUESTIONS answered by our experts.

PLUS everything will be recorded so you can watch again and study for your own rowing practice.

PLUS bonus content each day

  • 12 Exercises for Speedwork and Starts by Faster Masters Rowing. 

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