Will Ruth – masters strength training

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A video interview lasting 27 minutes between Will Ruth, Strength Trainer and author of Rowing Stronger with Marlene Royle.

Masters strength training is important as we age.

The topics covered include:

The difference in 1k racing compared to 2k with regard to aerobic and anaerobic training.

Will Ruth unpacks the strength training challenges facing masters athletes

“There’s a huge competitive advantage to the masters rower who goes beyond and does strength training for both the rowing muscles and the non-rowing muscles.”

  • Getting a good movement assessment e.g. hip hinge.
  • The YWT raise for scapular muscles.
  • Can you be too strong – how much strength is productive to be a rower while still maintaining aerobic fitness?
  • If I do rowing and strength training in the same day.  Which should I do first?  Will explains about fatigue carry-over.
  • The RPE scale – rate of perceived exertion.  How different is this for strength training compared to water rowing?
  • The ideal day to do weights after a hard rowing training day
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