Finding a coxswain

Marlene and Rebecca talk about
– Finding a coxswain
– A new video tip
– Have experienced masters rowers got an ‘attitude’ problem?

Finding a Masters Coxswain

Coxswains are essential to rowing eights and they are in short supply for masters rowers. Most of us find that we have to “grow our own” coxes – by that I mean recruit and train them up.

Frequently a cox will allow you to do a trainibg outing – you don’t need them to be expert in coaching, just steering. And for getting out on the water that is a great first step.

Timestamps to the show

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07:30 Finding a coxswain
12 week training program for 5k races
Find someone’s child – 8 years old or more. Teach them to steer.
Adult coxswains – build a plank with a rowing seat to sit across the gunwales to sit above the boat.
Get members to recruit their petite friends.
Starting to teach coxing. Be comfortable with making compromises.
We start by getting them steering first. And the commands for starting and stopping ONLY.
Let them repeat the commands relayed by the stroke.
Understand gentle steering. And hook the little fingers over the side of the boat – steer with your forefinger and thumb. Tape the midpoint of the steering wire – a visual reference.
15:00 Coaching the Coxswain book by Chelsea Dommert
Use the phrase “On Point” and create discipline in the cox to always do this.
17:30 Rent an expert coxswain from the local high school. Take care of your cox and pay their way.
A talented cox even if they are heavy is better than an inexperienced one.
19:00 Some coxes don’t want to cox grumpy old men. We recommend feeding them cake
21:00 Slow motion video tips. Use landscape not portrait. And check the slow motion playback on YouTube where you can go 2x and 3x slower. It makes it easier to see your rowing technique.
27:00 Port, Starboard or both? And which is dominant? Maoco Florann Elkins calls this bisweptual or ambidextrous.
32:00 Do rowers have an attitude problem? Consider the situation individually. If the coach says people don’t want to be coached – find out what the rowers think too. Do you also get attitude from club junior coaches. Club culture matters. Learning the correct rowing etiquette is important for the culture of rowing.
42:00 If you don’t want to learn – just go and row. but if you want to learn new habits then get coached. Use Slow Motion Video recording on your phone because it is much easier for people to see.