Get started rowing

I am 51 and have never rowed. I would love to take lessons. How can I get started?


Learn to row

Two ways to get started with rowing and sculling.

  1. Join a gym and take classes on the rowing machine. This will get you fit but unlikely to help you in a boat (!)
  2. Find a local rowing club and take a learn to row class

Which country do you live in?

Most rowing federations organise the sport for their country so do an online search for [country name or city name] learn to row.

Hopefully you will find someone near where you live.

It is much better to learn with an experienced coach than try to do online courses for learning to row

But do stay in touch and tell us how you get on.

How Faster Masters can help you learn to row better

We are an online rowing education business. We can help you AFTER you have done a learn to row course. For practical reasons, this is best done face to face with a rowing coach who is experienced coaching masters. It is never good to try to teach yourself rowing.

3 ways we can help you

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