Rowing Fitness Program

You are a rower or sculler and you choose not to race. Faster Masters has a program designed just for you.

Set yourself a focus for each practice and train yourself in the things that matter for your rowing. This subscription contains 5 modules:

  1. A water / erg training program
  2. Gym circuit
  3. Rowing technique article
  4. Aging well article advice on lifestyle
  5. A bonus surprise

Each month we give you new articles and training practice formats to try out. Each program is designed to allow you a choice of workouts for

  • fitness
  • fat burning
  • technique

You choose which one(s) you do and the day or frequency you train. The plan has advice on workout frequency as well as incorporating drills and skill tests to help improve your boat and blade handling skills.

Buy this program and use for yourself, or for your crew.

The Fitness Rower program is included FREE with the Club / Group Subscription Program 

NOTE:  All prices are in US$ Dollars.  All prices exclude sales tax, except for purchasers in New Zealand where 15% GST is included in the sale price.  You create ONE login which all crew members will share.