Rowing Gratitude

Marlene and Rebecca discuss
– Goodbye to all that
– Review of the year & forward plans

Timestamps to the show

02:00 Head of the Fish trophy
07:00 Rowing From 2020 Virtual Regatta – enter by 3 January on Regatta Central
09:00 Review of the year. We went weekly during Lockdown. Marlene’s favorite topic – setting up a home gym. It’s important to keep up strength training twice a week. TRX straps and kettle bells, physio ball, elastic bands.
Free training program for home rowing during Covid19 lockdown
12:00 Rebecca’s favourite topic – hip mobility for masters – a regular reminder of what to do. How to improve rock over and getting the handle past your knees. Separate stable body from moving up the slide.
15:00 What’s coming up for Faster Masters? During the past year we have added 3x subscribers to the podcast and 2x the number of customers for our training programs.

Positive things which happened to our listeners this year.

18:00 Recovery is as important as training. After the workout you recover and adapt to the load. This is the OTHER training category (recovery) you get into shape after the workout.
20:00 Resilience – do the things to manage stress levels. Sleep and eating right matters.
22:00 Curling my toes reduced stability in the boat.
24:00 Virtual races and the ability to practice mental training. Stay in touch with challenges will help regular competitors.
27:00 Look around to check where the rock island is.
32:00 Electing a team captain for masters. Liaison between the athletes and the coach. What do they do? Outings, lineups, safety tests, regattas? First define the job.

Our next podcast episode will be on 14th January 2021.
See you all on the other side.