Learning pace judgement

This month we are talking Head Racing – long distance rowing races with Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.
Timestamps to the show:
01:00 Head Racing – top tips. Own the river. Be aggressive from the start. Focus on your rhythm.
04:00 How to be a strong stern pair in an eight for head racing
07:39 Where and how do you make rhythm with soft knees moving through the transition
14:30 How to learn pace judgement. Do some time trials to learn what rate suits you. Consistent speed is the goal. 7 x 3 minutes with a 2 minute break. Pick a target rate and see if you can hold it throughout.
17:41 pay attention to your release timing if rating is a challenge
20:00 Free ebook on Head Racing for Masters
22:00 Mobility and flexibility – Technique as you age presentation. Shows the challenges for masters.
32:50 Congratulations to Gordon Williams, our first Faster Masters training program medallist. Gold at New Zealand Masters Championships in mens F 1x.

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