Transitioning out of winter

Welcome to March where our focus moves towards late winter training and preparation for head racing. How do rowers get and recover from repetitive strain injuries and some erg suspension drills to practice.

03:25 What’s on for March in Faster Masters Rowing subscriptions?
06:29 Why be a coach? Marlene and Rebecca share their journey to becoming a rowing coach and enjoying the process of teaching
17:30 Repetitive strain injuries and the factors affecting strain injuries for rowers. Differences between men and women
26:009 It takes 6-8 weeks to recover from a strain injury – better not to get injured in the first place
28:00 Transitioning onto the water after a winter on the erg. Keep the erg for your fitness and the water for drills and skills. Do combination workouts. Continue strength training in the gym
32:30 Erg suspension drills are great for this time of year. Heel pressure helps to activate the glutes.
40:00 Continue the suspension through to the recovery part of the stroke.