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Blade Depth in Rowing

Blade Depth in Rowing

The September Faster Masters Rowing Radio podcast just published.  In it, Marlene and Rebecca talk about blade depth in rowing and sculling, and how to pick races that suit your crew’s needs. Timestamps to the show 01:00 Recovery strategies – active and passive; race day and training 08:10 How to pick your races at a […]

Get Your Stroke Rate Up!

Tips for training and rowing in the heat and how to transition to racing at high stroke rates Faster Masters Rowing Radio July 2019 is hosted by Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.  They write monthly training programs for masters rowers at 0:00 Introduction and summary of what’s in the July Faster Masters training program […]

Practicing racing starts

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss food and nutrition for rowers and how to practice racing starts. Nutrition – from Nancy Clark’s seminar “Sports Nutrition: Clarifying the confusion about what’s best to eat”.  The link below is to the 5th edition of Nancy’s classic book.  Rowing Chat has an affiliate link code.  A more recent […]

Steering a rowing boat

Steering a rowing boat

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss how to fit training into a busy schedule; Steering coxless boats and 1k race plans. How to fit working out into your work day Inspired by Concept2 article Just move- walking, taking the stairs, standing meetings, meetings on the bikeErg Schedule it- Put a class or your sacred workout […]