Faster Masters™ Gold

Rebecca · November 10, 2019

The ultimate rowing training package for masters who want to self-coach!  This is a combination of each separate chapter into a bundle – much better price than buying individual chapters (all listed in the products).

Faster Masters™ Gold is – an interactive and comprehensive resource for rowers striving to excel on the water.

Inside the Faster Masters™ Gold Membership, you get:

  • Unlimited access to exclusive, rowing training content, including:
    • 7 episodes of video coaching and advice
    • Video transcripts
    • Supporting documents for Scull & Sweep rowing
    • Race plans
    • Training advice
  • Chapter 1 – Review of Technique
  • Chapter 2 – Adapting Technique – making technical gains with physical compromises
  • Chapter 3 – Drills for improving bladework
  • Chapter 4 – Drills and exercises for developing stroke power
  • Chapter 5 – Drills and exercises for developing racing starts and speedwork
  • Chapter 6 – 1k Race Planning
  • Chapter 7 – The role of testing and trials
  • General Guide to returning to rowing and coaching masters athletes

Faster Masters™ Testimonials

Stefan Paetow I was one of the early testers and found it very useful!

Steven Maynard-Moody Imagine a book that is based on a conversation between two of the most insightful minds in rowing and you have Faster Masters™. Marlene Royle’s observations are based on a deep understanding of how athletes move boats. Rebecca Caroe asks all the questions we want answered and adds her own insights. I consider Faster Masters ™to be among the best sculling and rowing “books” on the market.

Sterling Lanken I’m loving Faster Masters™ so far. Marlene explains how to make small changes in technique to increase boat speed and how to figure out where to start. She stands out as a coach by focusing on how technique improvements will feel for the athlete instead of only describing what a perfect stroke looks like. Faster Masters™ contains a wealth of information including drills, workouts, fitness assessment and race planning.

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